Hello! I'm Irene and everyday I make an effort to love myself, because I believe that is truly the first step towards loving others. And even if sometimes it just doesn't work, and even if sometimes I end my day despising it and hating everything that went on, I go to bed and wake up the next day and again try my best to make it count.

And I'm a fortunate girl. I'm fortunate because I live where I want, the way I want - kind of - and with the person (and the flatmates) I want to live with. I'm fortunate because I love people who happily love me back. And I'm fortunate because I have a job that challenges me every day, and which keeps me on edge, alert, and busy.

Other than that, I do photography as a hobby, and have started, together with my boyfriend, a 365 project - which you will find here. I also write fiction, and ramble about stuff on Bookmallows. 

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