South Ealing: the streets

I've been in London for a year now, and I've mostly lived in the Ealing area. Ealing is a middle-class borough in London. Like the rest of the city, it's a multicultural area, however there's a very strong Polish community in Ealing, which explains the amount of Polish restaurants, supermarkets and coffee shops that decorate the streets.

It's a yellow door, ok? Yellow. I love yellow.

This is St. Mary's Church, and the photo doesn't do it any justice, but I tried my best. 
It's a pretty local church with a quiet cemetery.

I loved these three little houses, right there, in the middle.

I've been going down this street on a bus every day for the past six weeks, yet I had never seen this house until, like, yesterday. I love the ivy going up that front wall.

English streets can be really colourful at times. Coloured doors and walls. They might be trying to make up for the grey skies? I don't know. It's cute.

Right in front of South Ealing station there's this park/square, and there's this set of houses at the end, and I just thought: ok, that looks pretty. Snap a picture.

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